Read Before Hiring a Designer on Fiverr

I often refer clients to Fiverr when they have a small budget. It’s a great way to connect with designers that meet your budget, and it’s amazing to get a custom logo for a startup that doesn’t know what they want or need yet. I’ve had clients tell me they’ve had nothing but good experiences.

That said, I can’t emphasize enough that you need to purchase the package with the VECTOR FILE or SOURCE FILE. 

A vector file works on a mathematical formula using paths instead of pixels making it scalable without distortion. Have you ever tied to zoom in or enlarge a photo only to see it turn into a bunch of square dots? Imagine having a file that looks clean and clear on a billboard or a pen. Then image how useful it would be to any designer you hire in the future. You’ll have crisp and clean artwork for all your projects including websites, business cards, promotional giveaways and ads.

Now, let’s say you don’t have the vector file. If you want to use your logo for print projects, you may need to hire a designer to trace your logo in order to make a vector version, and this can get pricy depending on how complex you logo is.  While design programs have image trace features, they’re far from perfect and don’t trace text very well.

All type of vendors will ask you for the vector file including:

  • screen printers for shirts and apparel
  • embroiders for hats
  • etchers for tumblers
  • laser printers
  • website designers
  • and more…

If you don’t have that vector file on hand, venders are going to charge you to produce a logo that may have differences. Plus, they’re under no obligation to hand over the vector artwork to you. If you want to work with a new vendor, you’ll need to pay them to reinvent the wheel… I mean recreate your vector file…that’s already been done…at least two times before.

You can get by without social media templates and other fancy offerings, but not having the vector file will haunt you later. Even though you won’t be able to initially open it (see my post about how to open an .eps file), having the vector file helps you with any project in the future and it’s worth paying the extra money for.

Image by tookapic from Pixabay

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