Custom Tours of DC

Custom Tours of DC is a private tour agency that plans custom itineraries for individuals and groups. I developed the logo, brand and website back in 2014, and we agreed it needed to be refreshed. Even though the owner happens to be my husband, we made a good team while developing a brand and website for his company. For the brand refresh, I cleaned up the logo and added secondary colors while sticking with a modern red, white and blue American theme. We kept the Washington Monument mark the same as it helps the brand stand out. I frequently use this mark on small spaces where the text won’t fit. When answering phone calls, the owner found he was regularly asked to send tour itineraries through email. To oblige these requests, I designed a brochure template with the refreshed branding that can be customized for each tour.
Educational, Inspirational, Clean, Friendly, Knowledgeable


Logo Design, Branding, Print Design, UX Design, Website Prototyping, Website Development, Apparel Design
Brand Style
Main Logo
Color Palette
Secondary Marks
Patterns & Textures

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