A World Untraveled

A World Untraveled is a travel agency founded by someone who’s an avid traveler. She was such as great client to work with as she provided me with so much inspiration through her stories and photographs of her travels. When we started the project, I gave her three rough sketches and one developed into a vintage stamp logo. This theme evolved into postcards as I incorporated elements including thin, white boarders, and a textured stamp with a post office mark. I also incorporated a hand-written script into the mix. I drew inspiration from a photograph that was taken by the founder’s husband during their vacation to Fiji. I took all the colors from that photograph along with that tropical vibe and incorporated a fun, textured pattern of palm leaves. The palm leave texture was purchased and licensed from Creative Market.


Logo Design, Branding, Letterhead, Business Cards
Brand Style
Main Logo
Color Palette
Secondary Marks
Patterns & Textures

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