How To View a .eps File Without Using Expensive Design Software

Your designer sends your logo as a .eps file and you try to open it. You get an error message and you figure out that you cannot open it. And now you’re wondering why a designer would send you a file that you can’t open.

First, hold on to that file. It’s gold! You’ll want that file for future use in projects like pens, websites and large banners and billboards. Don’t lose it! Store it in the cloud and keep it safe.

Now, there is a great way to view your .eps file without downloading any expensive design software. Go to this website: and upload your .eps file. You’ll see a preview of the file and you’ll have options to download the image as a .png, .gif or .jpeg.

Any of the file options are ok but I recommend sticking with .png or .jpeg. Sometimes applications won’t let you use .gif files.  You can then take that file and use it in Microsoft Word or any other project.

Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

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