Read Before Hiring a Designer on Fiverr

I often refer clients to Fiverr when they have a small budget. It’s a great way to connect with designers that meet your budget, and it’s amazing to get a custom logo for a startup that doesn’t know what they want or need yet. I’ve had clients tell me they’ve had nothing but good experiences. […]

Free Graphic Design Software! Yes Please!

Do you know about Canva? It’s free graphic design software you can use to create posts, logos and more. Best yet, it’s easy to use and it has so many articles about font parings and design that are great resources. They even have premade designs you can customize. Here are some ideas on what to […]

How To View a .eps File Without Using Expensive Design Software

Your designer sends your logo as a .eps file and you try to open it. You get an error message and you figure out that you cannot open it. And now you’re wondering why a designer would send you a file that you can’t open. First, hold on to that file. It’s gold! You’ll want […]