About SP Creative Co.

Hello! I'm Sara

Graphic Designer with over 15 years of experience who loves to create logos, design brands and build websites. I also love dogs and spending time outside! 

Let’s grab some coffee or tea and get to know each other. 

Here are some topics we may discuss…

I grew up outside of Baltimore, Maryland in a little suburb named Elkridge.

I graduated high school in the year 2000 and went to Howard Community College in Columbia, MD for general studies with a concentration in art and multimedia. From there I went to Towson University in Baltimore, MD and got my bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications.    

My husband and I love to be on the water. Our favorite hobbies include wakeboarding, kiteboarding and hanging on the beach with friends. In the winter, we love to ski.  

When we visit DC, I love to go west coast swing dancing.  My favorite dance events include MadJam, Boston Tea Party and DC Swing Experience

Every year, my husband and I go to Cape Hatteras, NC for kiteboarding. It’s always windy and the water’s warm and shallow. Other places include Ellicottville, NY for some skiing and Woodlawn Beach for some kiteboarding sessions on Lake Erie. Overall, I’m love Western New York. 

Kind Words

"Sara is an absolute joy to work with. She listens to all of your ideas and then creates something amazing and better than anything you could have imagined. I always found her to be patient, helpful, and very responsive."

– Chrissy Vogeley
Owner, A World Untraveled

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Meet Maya!

If you hear barking in the background, it’s Maya, my awesome cuteness coordinator. As a standard poodle, she’s a little sassy, but she brings so much joy into the office along with daily reminders to go for walks, eat and play fetch. And yes, she knows she gorgeous. 

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